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Pros of Steel Balustrades in Adelaide

February 9 2017, 15:19pm

Posted by Fencing World

Balustrades are the railings supported by balusters, especially one forming an ornamental parapet to a staircase, balcony, bridge, terrace, etc to give a good appearance.

Types of Balustrades:

These balustrades can be made out of Cast iron, Cast stone, Hardwoods or softwoods, Plaster, Polymer stone, Polyurethane/ polystyrene, Wrought iron, glass or stainless steel depending on the required final look of the output. The balustrades can be made available in various shapes like square, round or even rectangular depending on the need or the appearance required.

Balustrades Adelaide

Advantages of using steel balustrades:

The stainless steel is widely used in construction industries and has various properties due to which it is the most preferred material for balustrades in Adelaide. Various advantages of using stainless steel include:

Stainless steel had high durability: Stainless steel is very strong, durable and resistant to corrosion thus it can be used easily even in moist conditions. Stainless steel is strong thus it will not develop any defect like chips, dents or scratches.

Stainless steel has extreme heat resistance: Stainless steel contains a high content of chromium as a result; it has high strengths at elevated temperatures thus resistant in nature.

Stainless steel is easy to maintain: Stainless steel has smooth surface thus it resists smudges, fingerprints, scratches, dirt, grime, etc. which can even be cleaned easily. The stainless steel balustrades can be easily cleaned by using a damp cloth or any light solvent. These qualities reduce the maintenance of the stainless steel balustrades thus reducing future costs.

Stainless steel has ease of welding: The stainless steel can be easily welded and molded into any angle or curve thus helping to make balustrades of different varieties like different shape, size, pattern, etc. the balustrades formed from stainless steel are aesthetically pleasing and can be used to give attractive finish to the staircase, decks, fixtures, balconies, ornamental panels, furniture, etc.

balustrades adelaide

Affordable: As compared to any other building material, the stainless steel is available at a very low cost which is easily affordable.

Long term investment: Balustrades made from stainless steel are very cost-effective as it is a one-time investment. The reason for this is that the stainless steel is easily available, easily manufactured and installed, rust-proof, stain-resistant, can be molded into ant desired pattern and will maintain the shine for a very long period.

Environment friendly: Stainless steel production has very less demand for resources as it completely uses a high proportion of recycled materials. In the case of a change in the balustrades due to the need for new pattern or renovation, the material can again be reused to form the new balustrades.

Ease of installation: Stainless steel balustrades can be easily installed at any place.

Conclusion: Stainless steel can also be used in balustrades in combination with glass or timber to enhance its look. In the case of using glass along with the stainless steel, balustrades can be made of glass and can be supported by the steel railings which can provide additional strength and reliability.

To have stainless steel balustrades, you can get in touch with expert providers of balustrade fencing in Adelaide.

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