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Benefits of Installing Stainless Steel Balustrades

October 13 2017, 15:37pm

Posted by Fencing World

Most of the houses in Adelaide are self-owned and self-designed. People in Adelaide like to design their home as per their liking and comfort. In this beautiful city, almost all the houses have various features like a porch, balcony, lawn, etc. Balustrades are the important supporting system to the handrails in most houses. Various places where these balustrades provide support include the stairs, balcony, verandah, etc.

Types of Balustrades:

Balustrades may be of various shapes like a spindle, square, rectangular, etc. The modern balustrades can have any design depending on the interior design of the house. One can observe that the different houses display different types of balustrades in this city. Various materials used for building the balustrades include:

Balustrades Adelaide
  • Iron
  • Stainless steel
  • Glass
  • Stone
  • Hard or soft wood
  • Polymer
  • Plaster etc.

Uses of Balustrades:

The balustrades have several functions and various uses of balustrades include:

  • Provide the support
  • Safety
  • Enhance the look of the structure etc.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Balustrades:

There are various materials available for building the balustrades. Stainless steel is the most preferred material for the balustrades. The advantages of stainless balustrades in Adelaide over the other type of material include:

  • Durability: Stainless steel is more durable as compared to the other materials. It is more sturdy and strong. Stainless steel has the property of resistance to rust. This increases the longevity of the balustrades. The balustrades made from this material are stronger than the ones made from wood and glass. These balustrades have higher tensile strength. As these balustrades do not rust, they are the preferred balustrades for outdoor railings.
  • Maintenance: Stainless steel has high strength and it withstands the climatic changes. These balustrades are easy to clean and need less maintenance. With a damp cloth or any light solvent stains on balustrades can be removed. Wiping with the cloth helps to remove the dust, dirt, and grime with ease. These are easy to mold and bend which forms a sturdy structure. As a result, the handrails do not fracture, crumble or warp along its use.
  • Enhanced look: It gives a unique shine to the structure which enhances the look. It makes the structure strong, beautiful and elegant. The look of the stainless steel balustrades can further enhance by the use of glass panels.
Balustrades Adelaide
  • Economic: Stainless steel material is most affordable as compared to the other materials. Maintenance cost is very less or negligible which further lowers the cost of these balustrades. These stainless steel balustrades can withstand the conditions like rain, heat, snow. These balustrades stand tall in every climate without getting damage or any other treatment. This helps to still lower the cost of these balustrades.
  • Styles and designs: Stainless steel is very malleable and ductile material. As a result, it becomes easy to make the balustrade of any design and style. This metal is the most versatile material hence balustrades of different styles, patterns and shapes are possible to make. Curving and harsh angles are also molded easily using the stainless steel.
  • Eco-friendly: The production of the stainless steel uses the recycled material. This helps to reduce the biological burden. Thus, this becomes an eco-friendly option for the balustrades. The stainless steel is recyclable and hence can be easily reused.

Considering all these advantages of stainless steel, one should prefer installing balustrades made from this material however from decoration point of view; you can opt for glass and wood balustrades as well.

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